I am Emily Kisvarda, an integrated healer, author, researcher, alchemist, teacher and lifelong student of learning and accessing higher knowledge and wisdom.

In 2004 I lost my husband to cancer, 2 weeks prior, my brother in law to an overdose and tragically, my mother passed away 3 years later. I have four beautiful children, who at the time were aged under 10. My world seemed to crumble beneath me as my foundations were completely shattered through my eyes.

My early career on the wards as a registered nurse taught me a lot about crisis, both medical and emotional, but my greatest learning came through my own life experiences of pain, loss, grief and despair. I led myself on a journey of spiritual awakening and discovery.

In 2010 I changed my business name to Phoenix Gateway. The Phoenix is a mythical bird that lives for around 500 years. The bird is often connected to the sun, representing power and strength. At the end of its life, it bursts into flames, only to be reborn from the ashes. Through the cycle of birth, death and rebirth, the Phoenix rises again through the Earth’s Gateway and transforms, having released the old paradigm, to make way for the new and bring with it the new frequencies. What I have learnt on the journey so far, is that the only permanency in life, is change. To be able to gain greater understanding, we must embrace all that has been dealt to us because these lessons become our greatest gifts and each time, we tap further into the ancient wisdoms that have laid dormant within our cellular structure, we re-awaken the Seed of the Soul, that is, the seed of eternal existence.

My Qualifications

Bachelor of Nursing
Author and Teacher
Reiki I, II, IIIA
Crystal Healer
CLH Teacher
Integrated Healer
Pellowah Practitioner and Teacher
A teacher of sacred geometry and life and still learning


In life, we are forever evolving and transforming as we undergo the cycles of life, that of birth, death and rebirth. As we advance and develop, so does our relationships and business. After 10 years as Phoenix Gateway, I felt it time to morph the Phoenix of my logo to match my own personal growth. You will still see the original design as it will always be a part of me, both in ink and the inevitable change that occurred in my life in 2004.

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