Alchemy of Osiris: November 16-22

Sometimes it’s not until after you record something that you actually see more.

The reading began with some key words having been channelled –

  • Contemplation
  • Next step/ direction
  • Energy easing up- clarity
  • Waiting game / patience
  • Sweet results await
  • Leap of faith
  • Believe

The cards are all next level, literally as we go through a major shift in our energy as we transform, connecting to higher wisdom and see life from a different perspective. Many of us have gone through or going through some form of ‘tower moment’, especially due to this year and metaphorically, gone through a death and rebirth. 

Before starting this reading, I really felt I needed to change my green screen to The Osireion. Osiris, like the Phoenix, is all about birth, death and rebirth. It is about fertility and planting the seeds (even more apt as it is the new moon). The Flower of Life card came out and the oldest known symbol of the Flower is in this temple.  The bottom of the deck is unlimited potential, this is our DNA, our ability to consciously create our own reality.

When I ended the reading, I pulled an elixir and I got the Alchemy of Osiris and I mention Snake medicine in the video. The numerology of the cards also took my attention.. the numbers from left to right are – 04, 43 (7), 07, 01, 31 (4), 13(4), 10 (1). I have compounded the numbers so you can see. They all equate to 4, 7, 1. Also 31-13 are palindromic so it is the same forwards as it is backwards. This is all foundational (40, new beginnings or rebirth (10 and it is mystical, spiritual (7). The palindrome lets you know , you are on track.

This reading is awesome, amazing actually when you see the depth of what has come through.

Alchemy of Osiris –

Snake Medicine –

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