Are you ready to let go and move on? Nov 9-15

It’s time to let the shit go. Move on and learn from your past. A week of introspection is at the forefront as you go within, confront your shadow, see what it is that needs releasing and is outdated.

What is it that has been holding you back, keeping you stuck in the same energy, depleting you of your energy on all levels of your being? Life can seem hard right now as if you have reached that tower moment and everything is falling apart around you. Many a reader will actually say that it’s one of the best cards in the tarot. This is because what no longer serves you is crumbling, allowing you to be the Phoenix, to rise again from the ashes. Like the Phoenix, you will rise again stronger, renewed, and will see ice from a whole new perspective. Be the chameleon that knows how to change your ‘colour’ to be what is needed right now in your life.

Don’t ever give up, believe in yourself and know there is a higher purpose. As a great teacher once said to me, it’s ok to have your ‘bastard moment’, which is our ego, BUT THEN, let that shit go, change your tune, change your colour to align to where you are to be. Know that whether it is a person , a business etc, it is in your life for a reason, season or a lifetime.

Work with Whale medicine and 639Hz elixirs this week.

So much love,

Emily xxx

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