Awakening to your Highest Potential: December 21-27

This week is a long reading. I spend the first half talking about the energies of this week as it’s huge the changes, new beginnings and the freedom that is awaiting. The change occurring is exciting. It’s a massive time of transformation and transmutation, shedding the old outdated belief systems to bring about new found freedom. it is time to awaken to your highest potential.

Aquarius stands for innovation, independence, originality, deep thinkers. On the 21st December is the Summer/Winter solstice which will be the longest/shortest day depending where you live. On the 21/22 December, we see a grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter enters into Aquarius and both planets are there to stay for a year. The conjunction at 0.1 degrees, sees these planets resemble a star and is believed to be associated to what they called in the bible, the Star of Bethlehem. This is about awakenings, new beginnings.

On the 21st in Uluru, Australia, there is a sacred ceremony which will bring about a massive awakening and connection that will create shifts at the heart level – earth heart, our heart and the cosmic heart. I wrote about the connection back in March after visiting Uluru at the Autumn Equinox. I created an elixir called Maapun. You can read about it here –

*Uluru prophecy where the ‘magic box’ is activated. Said to be Pleiadian in nature.

On the 25th it is Christmas. I wish you all a very safe and merry day, filled with love, laughter, food and friendship. This week I recommend these elixirs to work with:

Snake Medicine –

Solfeggio Frequency 285Hz –

Maapun –

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