Calm, Serenity and Peace: July 20-26

This week we are reminded of the importance of looking after our health and well-being on a holistic level.  It is a week to find yourself spending time in solitude. Enjoy your own company, look after yourself, nurture and give yourself bucket loads of self-love . If you have a garden, spend some time in there as it is very therapeutic. 

Create harmony in your world, protect your energy from the craziness we are experiencing on a world wide level. Don’t allow the fear to penetrate your energetic field. Be mindful of your thoughts and feelings. Re-memeber to BREATHE. Allow yourself to breathe in peace, calm, tranquility and serenity and breathe out the fear and any e-motion that doesn’t serve you now.

Use this weeks New moon to plant the seeds of a new beginning.

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