Clear Quartz and Master Crystals

Clear Quartz

Clear to milky, with or without inclusions
Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet. It is known as the grandfather of all quartz. It emits, absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy and is excellent for unblocking it. Clear quartz is piezoelectric which means, when you rub in between your hands, it generates electricity from the pressure and the heat.

Quartz has been used within acupuncture needles, in watches and many other devices that can be used in our daily lives.
Clear quartz works on all levels of our being. Storing information like a computer, these crystals are a natural library waiting to be accessed. They are brilliant to use in healings or for manifesting with intention. Clear quartz is like a shape shifting stone. If this is the only crystal you have, with intention, you can ask the crystal to work as the energetic vibrations of other stones. Some healers will only use clear quartz within their work.
Clear quartz is a master healer and can basically be used on all levels of healing, that is, on a mental, physical, spiritual and emotional level.
There are many different formations in which quartz grows and each form has its own energetic and uses.

Barnacle – is a group of smaller crystals that grow off a larger crystal. The main crystal acts like a teacher and the smaller cluster are like the students. Great to use in environments where there are group situations or even in the family home to create harmony

Bridge– is a smaller crystal that lodges partially or fully into the main crystal. Great to use when needing to bridge the inner and outer worlds of the self or outside worlds.

Cathedral – Cathedral quartz is so named because it’s growing habit is one in which lesser points appear along the body of the main crystal, running parallel to the axis of the body and partially embedded in the main crystal body. Looking at them, reminds us of the turrets of an ancient castle or cathedral. They are also named lightbraries as they contain ‘historical’ records or Akashic records from civilisations such as Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and so on. You can even gain access from the time of the Star beings who taught humans how to use spiritual energies to carve and move huge stones in such monuments as Stonehenge and Machu Pichu. Cathedral quartz can catalyse almost instant entry into multidimensional consciousness.

Channelling– has a primary face of 7 sides, followed by a 3 face then a 7,3,7,3. So 6 faces/sides in all. When you hold the crystal looking at the main 7-sided face, there will be a 3-sided face directly opposite it. Chanel crystals have been throughout time to channel the wisdom of our higher selves as well as from the angelic realm, guides and masters as well as from ancient times of older civilisations such as Atlantis and Lemuria. The best way to gain the information held within this crystal, is through meditation.

Crystal balls– crystals that have been man made and cut into spheres. In ancient time and the present, many have used these for scrying to either see the past, present or future. They are wonderful to have around the home or working place, as energy is evenly dispersed from every point on the sphere.

Crystal clusters– are a group of crystals that have grown together, with many of the crystals having natural terminations. Amethyst clusters are a beautiful tool for cleansing and recharging your crystals.

Curved – Curved crystals have a curved or bent shape . This happens during the crystals growth and is a fairly rare occurrence. Sometimes just the sides are curved or sometimes the whole crystal looks bent. They have a gentle yet powerful energy and are said to help promote a flexible attitude. Ultimately, it’s a crystal that goes with the flow. Curved crystals may bring flexible attitudes that help see beyond superficial surface of matters. They help bring the inner essence to light. They can also be useful to help in decision making.  It is also possible for a crystal to bend after it has broken and ultimately becomes self-healed.

Devic-  A devic crystal contains within it either  an inclusion, marking, rainbow etc that give the appearance of a being or deva residing in the crystal. you may see a shape that resembles an animal or even a fairy. Ultimately can take on any form. Use the devic crystal to help guide you in a healing or for your own use as you lift your vibrations.

Double Termination– when both ends of a crystal come to point. Some are natural and some are artificially made. A DT radiates or absorbs energy from both ends simultaneously, channelling it in two directions at once. They are perfectly balanced and integrates spirit and matter. Great for removing blockages, enhance telepathy and can help break old habits by absorbing the negative energy.

Dow– also called the temple Heart Dow, has three, 3 sided faces and three 7 sided faces. Thus, combines both the transmitter and channelling crystals. It has the potential not only to channel the wisdoms of the higher self and higher realms, but to also receive guidance by putting your questions out to the universe and receiving the answers you have asked for.

Elestial– definitely one of my favourites. These beautiful crystals have a direct link to the angelic realm. There are a few varieties of elestials in terms of looks. These have distinct features that separate them from other quartz. The features seen on these crystals have plates, etchings, bulbous points. Due to their nature, they are also nicknamed alligator quartz. They have a direct connection to both heaven and earth. They are great to use when emotional issues need to be dealt with and brought to the surface. They help to heal emotional issues whether past or present or even from past lives.

Enhydros– is a cavity within a crystal filled with water. The water has become trapped and has been encased over millions of years of the crystal’s growth. Enhydros are directly linked to water and thus work specifically on the emotions on all levels. These are truly beautiful crystals.

Faden crystals– have a distinct white, milky line that runs through the middle of them. It is formed when there has been a fracture in them and have regrown. These fractures may have been caused through earthquakes or other shifts in the earth’s core. A great stone for healing the etheric bodies and auric field. Excellent crystal to help in the mending of bones, tears in muscles etc. to me it symbolises a crystal of strength due to its own ability to mend under such intense conditions. A powerful ally to have on all levels of healing.

Generator – have naturally formed 6-sided crystal faces which come to a point at the tip. As its name suggests, it is used to generate energy from the point and is directed in a powerful beam from the tip.

Growth Interference Quartz- Found in glacial areas where sheets of Calcite inter-grew with the Quartz, and was subsequently dissolved out during the final stages of the growth process. Ultimately the crystals look as if they have ‘cuts’ throughout. Excellent for releasing energy blockages. They are said to be capable of helping us to grow and adapt on all levels, and are said to balance the energy fields. It creates a profound shift and acceleration into the spiritual. it removes the barriers to get you to this state of mind.

Golden Healer – A Golden Healer is quartz with a distinctive golden hue.

The golden hue is bestowed by a wash of iron hydrate on or near the outer surface of the crystal. The crystal may be partially or fully covered.

Golden Healer crystals are master healers, accessing the gold ray, the highest vibration of light the human body can receive and sustain, raising the body’s frequency, to dissolve and release blockage or foreign energies, replenish on a cellular level, and restore the body’s natural pace and harmony. golden healers can be used to treat any disorder.

Isis– the main face has five sides and directly opposite it is a perfect triangle. This crystal has a direct link to the story of Isis and Osiris who were rulers in Egypt. It is a crystal that works beautifully as an emotional balancer and stabiliser. Helps to release pain and suffering and helps one to move forward. Has a feminine quality to the stone.

Key– is a 3 or 6-sided key hole normally found on the body of the crystal. When held, touched and meditated on, said to unlock the key and access the crystal’s records.

Laser wands– these crystals have immense power. Not to be used light heartedly. They should be used by healers or a person who knows what they are doing. A tool used in psychic surgery. These little beauties can cut through anything. They remove detachments, cords and entities. They should not be pointed at anyone unless doing a healing as they can cut through the etheric layers of the body and may cause disharmony.
They are crystals that have a wider base and taper in toward the point or apex of the crystal.

Lemurian seed crystals– these are different in structure, displaying ladder-like grooves crossing the bodies of the crystals and very clear interiors. On many of these crystals, there’s a reddish pink tinge caused by a light, transparent coating of iron oxide. These crystals are just what their name implies; they are coded, programmed with the Lemurian consciousness vibrations. When worked with, the crystals can infuse one with the pure emotional/intuitive/spiritual awareness of the Lemurians. With these stones they can be wonderful experiences of heart opening and the healing of the emotional bodies. As we lift our own vibrations and universal consciousness increases, more of these beautiful crystals are becoming more readily available to help us with our ascension. Lemurian seeds are also Dow crystals (refer to section on the Dow).

Manifestation crystals– is a smaller crystal that is fully encased within a larger crystal. A manifestation crystal is exactly that. it helps to manifest your dreams. Used to manifest on all levels with intention. Another form of this type of crystal is an 8-sided face on a crystal point. The 8 sides is also referred to a grounding crystal. Manifestation and grounding crystals work on the principal of ‘As above so below’. A true connection to heaven and earth.

Phantom– these are crystals with phantom like growths with the main body of a crystal. They are an inclusion of minerals which range from chlorite, hematite, limonite and some others. To look at, the inclusions seem layered and can paint pictures of mountains or pyramids. The layers show the growth patterns of the crystals over millions of years. Phantoms are excellent when needing to do a lot of inner self work and give you access to your soul. It is about ‘inner work’ of yourself.

Rainbows– are caused by fractures within the crystal itself. When held at different angles, beautiful rainbows can be seen. Another great crystal to work on the self with. It brings through the whole colour spectrum.

Record Keeper– a crystal which has raised triangular shapes on its faces. Triangles that are upside down are called trigonic. These markings hold the records and knowledge of the ancient civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria. These civilisations programmed the crystals with information passed down to them to keep it safe from darker energies. Working with these crystals in meditation, can give you access to the information stored. Sometimes when you become the owner of a crystal, record keepers may just appear when not present before.

Sceptre– a sceptre is a crystal that has a long rod and large bulbous (head). A reverse sceptre is when a sceptre has a smaller head. These tools were used in Atlantis and Lemuria by the High Priest/ess during healing practises. They are excellent amplifiers of energy. Reversed sceptres are an excellent tool to use for blockages in all the bodies. Sceptres can also be used to bring through the wisdom and knowledge of higher realms.

Self-Healed– is a crystal that at some point within its existence has broken off and has healed itself by growing many small terminations at that site. Excellent to use in self-healing and past traumas. It is a stone of strength and rejuvenation, which is evident in its ability to self-heal. Makes it a great learning tool.

Shovel- a shovel-like formation on a particular face. Looks as if you can dig with this quartz. They are said to assist us in finding all kinds of solutions. They can help us find the information that may assist us in our progress towards resolution. They are said to help us gather knowledge throughout life’s travels.

Singing Quartz– Singing Crystals are quartz crystals that make a high pitched “singing” or “tinkling” sound when rubbed or rolled together. Singing crystals often are long, thin laser wand type crystals. They are used for getting stagnant energy moving, breaking up static, smoothing energy, and shaping energy fields. They can also be used to charge other stones and gems. Singing quartz are said to be imbued with the ancient force that created the universe, resonating the high pitch OM vibration when 2 singing quartz crystals are gently brought together like tingsha bells.They provide a gateway to higher level of communication with other worlds and with vibrational consciousness when used in meditation. They instil a sense of happiness and acceptance of one’s place in the here and now.

Starburst- are crystals that have points that burst from its centre, a little like a star. Excellent for energy to travel in a number of directions. Use it to help unblock blockages in yourself or a client. Visualise energy starting in the centre and working its way out in all directions.

Tabular or Tabbys– these crystals main body are wider than their sides. Hence, they appear flat. Excellent to use during periods of rapid change, to help stabilise the self.

Time Link– time link (future) is a rectangular window that faces right. Time link (past) is a rectangular window that faces left. These appear next to or on the faces of the crystal. Depending on future or past, depends on the knowledge you will access from either direction. Also, future said to work on right side of the brain and past on left side of the brain.

Transmitter– is a crystal that has 3 sides as its main face, followed by a 7,3,7,3 combination. 6 sides in all. It’s the opposite configuration to a channelling crystal. The 3 sides have a direct link to the Holy Trinity. This formation is more about asking questions. Putting your question to the universe and in return receiving an answer. Use in meditation.

Twin Crystals– when 2 crystals grow side by side and co-join. They are of equal length. Also known as a soul mate or tantric twins. These are specifically used for relationships. Either to help find your soul mate. You can place them next to your bed or in the relationship corner of your home or bedroom. That is the farthest right-hand corner from the front door. Sometimes the soul mate may not be of the sexual kind.
When the twin crystals are of unequal size, they are better to work with relationships such as mother-daughter, employer-employee. It helps more unconditional love to manifest in the situation and brings the two people into greater harmony.
A double terminated tantric twin is the perfect stone for ascension- raising your vibration; it brings the higher self into line with the soul’s purpose.

Window– a window is a diamond shaped formation that can be found between two faces. These are windows to your soul, allowing you to access your true essence of whom you are. Excellent to use on yourself when working with issues of love and self-worth.

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