Freedom is Yours: November 1-8

Happy Beltane/ Samhain and full moon in Taurus. a Blue moon in the Northern hemisphere. This energy can be used to assist to releasing past and present ties, outdated beliefs and any form of control that no longer serves. it’s been a massive year of healing for so many. This week is all about creating your own freedom, working on self. Don’t give up on your dreams and desires, take the lead now for yourself. It is ok to feel aspects of vulnerability as this is normal when major change and shifts occur. It is part of our own evolution as we continue to grow and expand. 

Don’t give up, keep your beliefs alive, have faith in the magic that exists. Trust the process and find the joy in all that you do and create. You have worked hard to get to where you are. For some who are starting out, you got this. When we find ourselves coming into alignment , it is amazing how balance and harmony begin to sit in and also rub off onto others.

The L.A.B elixirs for this week are – Alchemy of Thoth, Ra-Horakhty, Illuminate.

The elixirs I create are energetic and medicinal. they have been created to work on the W-holistic self, to nurture, balance and heal.

Would you like to learn more about how these work ? Press this link, put in your details and it as simple as that. From there you will receive a free e-book.

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