Fulfilment of wishes. Dreams Do come true | June 22-28

Exceptional cards and reading. This week we welcome in the new energies of the solstices and annular solar eclipse on the new moon in cancer. We are reminded of the importance of maintaining optimal health and balance. We only have the one physical body in this lifetime and it’s important we treat it as a temple. The stars are aligning and your hard work and dreams are coming to fruition. It is on its way, a fulfilment of wishes. Keep your focus and don’t lose sight of the end goal. Many of us have been working hard on ourselves. Going deep within and working on all aspects of love and the relationship with self first and foremost.For those who are single, I feel love is on the horizon. For those happily in a relationship, love will be taken next level. Regardless of the aspect of love this is talking of, the more we open our hearts and allow our cups to overflow, we see all that is around us from a different perspective, an inner knowing of the connection to THE ALL and a shift in consciousness is being activated at this time.

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