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The 5 Top Reasons to work with these alchemical frequencies to nurture, balance and heal, the mind, body and soul.
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About Your Guide to L.A.B

This free short eBook that will provide you with reasons and an understanding to why L.A.B are a beautiful and high vibrational set of alchemical frequencies that have been created at certain sacred sites around the world and at home. They are a complimentary therapy that can be used as a part of your own daily practices and or rituals to nurture, balance and heal, the mind, body and soul. My vision is to teach and bring to light why working with frequency can assist you in your own healing and every day well-being.

What you will Learn


Ascension - a spiritual awakening, a shift in consciousness.

It is an evolutionary process that needs to be accelerated (especially at this time with the current pandemic of 2020) to bring about a major shift in your vibrational frequency.

Ascension can be likened to the Phoenix, the God Osiris or the Ouroboros (a snake eating its own tail), meaning an alchemical transformation occurring and a cycle of birth, death and rebirth taking place.


Healing is a process of restoring energy, health, balance, vitality and coherence on a (w)holistic level.

When I created one of my elixirs, Medicinal Dreaming, I wrote a beautiful account of where healing originated and I am going to share it here.

Depending on what aspect of healing you are doing, will depend on the elixirs you are to focus on. Regardless, all elixirs are alchemised water that have been impregnated with different vibrational frequencies and more times than not, all elements are present prior to bottling each frequency.


Where to begin. This is a topic that affects every single person, animal and living thing in this universe. Love is the greatest healer.

To truly understand love, we need to know love, feel loved and then express love unconditionally. for some, love needs to be relearned as it may not have been given in childhood or if it was, not in a way that was nurturing and caring.

I feel it safe to say that most of us, within this lifetime, need to learn to accept and love ourselves first and foremost. Each of us needs to look into our inner core and into our hearts and see the beauty and love within ourselves so that we can work at our highest potentials in every aspect of our lives.


Definition - To anchor one’s self into the physical whilst grounding your energetic field.

Our bodies, that which includes the physical as well as the etheric (energy bodies) is encased within a geometric shape. It is said that we are a diamond light body and in 3 dimensions, you will see the octahedron and in 2 dimensions, a diamond.

This is evident within Creation Story but that is for another time or one of my e-courses. If you can envision a twisted golden rope that comes down from the heavens, through the top of our diamond above our head, goes through the centre of our body and exits through our feet and at the bottom most point of our diamond, travelling deep inside the earth to its core.


The ability to materialize that which you visualise. Create your own reality through thoughts, beliefs and actions.

For some, manifesting their wants and dreams comes easily. I say this as I have a son who has mastered this on so many levels. What I see with him is that he focuses purely on the outcome. He sees it, feels it, describes it and speaks as if it is already here in his physical reality. There is no self-doubt, no second guessing. He is able to change the frequency of his thoughts and emotion to be the frequency of that which he is attracting.


The Solfeggio Frequencies are a group of frequencies, the main being a 6-tone scale of electromagnetic frequencies (although some use a 9-tone scale) that were believed to have been lost throughout history. These tones were replaced by different tuning applications over time. They are considered sacred tones, being used in well-known Gregorian chant and in particular can be found in the hymn to St John the Baptist. Each one of these tones, when sung in harmony, can bring about spiritual blessings, harmony, healing and miracles into individuals lives. This is possible as energy and vibration reverberates all the way to the molecular structure of our DNA.

The 6 main tones that make up the Solfeggio Frequencies are UT, RE, Mi, FA, SOL, LA. The other 3 frequencies that can be used in conjunction don’t really have a tone but do have a frequency, although 963Hz can be given the toning ‘SI’.


The Ancient Egyptian name is Khem, meaning black land, the rich dark soil of the Nile. There are many levels and dimensions when we work with the essence, the pure energy of this land. It is where AlKhemy birthed and Chemistry birthed.

Here we embark on a sacred and personal journey of self-healing and self-discovery. It is a passage where growth, initiation and activation take place on so many levels. The mecca to Egypt and the sacred sites, are an initiation into expanding your perception of life, heightening your awareness, shifting your level of consciousness, awakening and activating the energy centres within your body. It is an experience way beyond the 5 senses that we know. Unfortunately, over time, our biology has been reprogrammed to inhibit us from being able to use all sensations, intuition and perception.


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