In 2 Minds: September 7-13

It feels like there could be some mental conflict this week. You are in 2 minds of letting go of the past, outdated belief systems, people, relationships or even addictions such as food, alcohol or drugs. Whatever it maybe, you feel vulnerable and a sense of insecurity.this is very normal when change is around you.

It is time however, to let go and let love. Are you ready to create forgiveness to self and learn from the past. Free yourself from your chains that you have put in place and claim back your independence. No matter what your situation, there is always love around you, sometimes it even stares you in the face but your walls are up so high that you are blinded from love and joy that exist around you.

Time to release your trauma and past experiences. Let go of any addictions that no longer serve you. See your light shine from the inside out. Be the change you want to see in your life now. 

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