Know Your Purpose, Find Your Passion.

Since the beginning of 2020 and Covid hitting our shores, there has been a massive jolt to many and creating a shift in consciousness. Many still remain asleep but there are many who have brought about an awareness into their lives and are starting to question life and our true reality. The veil is starting to lift, perceptions are changing and people in general are starting to stand up more for what they believe in. Tower moments have been experienced whereby lfe as we have known it has ended. It has brought about alchemical transformation, or as we know it, The Dark Night of the Soul. Foundations have been rocked and needed to be rebuilt, relationships have changed, businesses ended and or restarted and in general, people starting to realise that the way we have been functioning, can’t sustain itself and no longer seems to work on an individual level. Many have begun to question their reason for being and have begun the process of soul searching and working towards the question which is, what is my purpose? There are also many on this planet at this time who are advancing and elevating their frequency because they are already aligned to the energies of what is happening now. Through the Neter Ma’at, and the knowledge of ancient Egypt, you can see that what we are re-awakening to is wisdom that has been around for eons. It is time to full embrace and align to these teachings to bring about an alignment and connection to the All that is conscious on every level of our be-ing.

“The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the Truth”.  ~ Morpheus

Ma’at, like all the other Neters(energy of nature) or Gods/Goddesses of Egypt, understood the energetic principles of nature and the underlying philosophy of cosmic order. Each imparts knowledge and wisdom for us to awaken and re-member who we are and why we are here. We do not need to be part of a ‘slave race’, instead we can reactivate our DNA, our light codes, to work together as one and unify  to create our heaven on earth for all not only to survive, but to thrive as we make the choices in our lives. 

The Egyptian Neter Ma’at,  is a personification of truth, justice, morality, law,harmony, balance and cosmic order. She is the daughter of Ra and consort to Thoth. Ma’at is depicted with wings and an ostrich feather in her hair. Her role was to decide whether a person would reach the afterlife. She would weigh the heart of the person against a feather of truth (hence the ostrich feather in her hair). If it was balanced, the soul would be worthy of meeting Osiris, if it were heavier than the feather, it would be eaten by the soul eating monster, Ammit.

Ma’at represented the order and balance of the cosmos. From the stars to the order of heaven and earth. To justice and fairness in the law.

The 42 ideals of Ma’at of the Temple of Isis, are just that. The ideals are a guide of a better way to live. They offer insight into a deeper spiritual understanding and this was already practiced thousands of years ago. 

It is as pertinent now as it was then. Life is forever challenging us. If we remove the ‘lle’ from chaLLEnge, we end up with change. We are here to learn to love, create balance, order and harmony, know what it means to create choices and have freedom to do whatever the heart desires. We are here to overcome e-motions such as fears, abandonment, anxiety in general, negative and overwhelming feelings and thoughts. Through difficult circumstance, trauma, crisis, we are ‘pushed’ to wake up. for some however, this is not going to be the case as it doesn’t seem to matter how much pain they are in, it is not greater than going through the pain of change itself.

When the above mentioned is put into motion, you start to understand your heart, you will also know begin to realise your purpose and follow your passion.

For many, when we look at judgement, we are our own worst enemy. There is no fairness in the way we see ourselves. We call ourselves names, we don’t see our worth, our beauty, our intelligence or success. Some may have money or a beautiful home, even a successful business but there is not enough balance, harmony, order or truth in the way they live. It’s like smoke and mirrors.


Everything in life has a dual. Chaos and order are duals as is light and darkness, good and evil. When we look at the 7 Hermetic Principles, The Law of Polarity is pertinent because it tells us even though there is a dual to everything, they are one of the same. It is finding the degree between the two to create the balance.

Through the Law of Correspondence – everything repeats, it is self-similar or as you may be familiar with – ‘As above, so below. As within, so without. As the universe, so the soul.’ ~ The Kybalion. When we go within, create unconditional love, balance, harmony, happiness, freedom, make our own choices, see the beauty in all things, this then ricochets out onto a larger (macro) scale. The world we live can change just as we can and vice versa. All is a reflection, a mirror image. Everything changes, nothing is constant. Let the improvements we materialise into our physicality, be the changes for good, justice, harmony, balance, love and universal order.

“Know thyself, know thy soul, know thy heart, and know thy purpose.”~ Ma’at

This was the belief system of the Egyptians. They practiced and understood spirituality on a very deep level. 42 laws or ideals were written and are still pertinent today. In fact, my understanding is that this is where the 10 commandments were taken from.

1. I honour virtue 

2. I benefit with gratitude 

3. I am peaceful 

4. I respect the property of others 

5. I affirm that all life is sacred 

6. I give offerings that are genuine 

7. I live in truth 

8. I regard all altars with respect 

9. I speak with sincerity 

10. I consume only my fair share 

11. I offer words of good intent 

12. I relate in peace 

13. I honour animals with reverence 

14. I can be trusted 

15. I care for the earth 

16. I keep my own council 

17. I speak positively of others 

18. I remain in balance with my emotions 

19. I am trustful in my relationships 

20. I hold purity in high esteem 

21. I spread joy

22. I do the best I can 

23. I communicate with compassion 

24. I listen to opposing opinions 

25. I create harmony 

26. I invoke laughter 

27. I am open to love in various forms 

28. I am forgiving 

29. I am kind 

30. I act respectfully of others 

31. I am accepting 

32. I follow my inner guidance 

33. I converse with awareness 

34. I do good 

35. I give blessings 

36. I keep the waters pure 

37. I speak with good intent 

38. I praise the Goddess and the God 

39. I am humble 

40. I achieve with integrity 

41. I advance through my own abilities 

42. I embrace the All

This lifetime teaches us to transcend the ego and live in heart and with love. When I created my vibrational elixir (L.A.B) Alchemy of Isis, the words I received were ‘love from the heart.’

The number 42 is also of interest here. A rainbow occurs at 42degrees as sunlight is refracted as it enters a raindrop.There are 7 colours in a rainbow. Through the philosophy of Ma’at bringing through 42 ideals, the 7 principles are – truth, justice, morality, law, harmony, balance and cosmic order. 

There are 42 nomes or provinces/district in ancient Egypt. There are 42 Assessors or divine judges of Ma’at. They sit in the Hall of Truth and  are a part of determining whether the souls of the dead in the afterlife to determine whether they will be joining Osiris or not. Of these 42, 9 were great judges – 

  • Ra – the supreme sun god
  • Shu – God of air
  • Tefnut – Goddess of moisture (Sphinx)
  • Geb – God of the earth
  • Nut – Goddess of the sky
  • Isis – Goddess of life, fertility, magic , the divine nurturer
  • Nephthys – Sister of Isis, Goddess of the dead as she led the deceased into the Hall of Judgement
  • Horus-Sky God
  • Hathor- Goddess of love, beauty, music, fertility, joy

In its mirror, 42 is 24. This is a sacred number. There are 24 numbers in the Fibonacci sequence that create a code of 9. There are 24 faces and 24 edges of the Merkaba. It has been shown to me as a number relating to union through the Vesica Piscis.

4 is the number of stability, strength, structure and laying down of foundations. 2 is the number of balance, union, harmony, partnership.

4+2=6 which is family, soul union , unconditional love, balance, harmony, responsibility. 

We spend our lives doing all that is expected of us, blindly trusting that the life we have chosen is the right and accepted path.  As the years pass by, and we obediently live the lives we have been conditioned to accept, a gentle but insistent feeling begins to stir. It is uncomfortable, and disrupts our predictable and ordinary existence. Most try to ignore it. Others listen closely. It whispers quietly to your soul that there is more than this, that You are more than this. With patience, contemplation and self-reflection, you begin to understand its secret message – that you and your existence are far more wondrous and magnificent than you could possibly imagine. It is time to take the first steps on a remarkable and life-changing journey.

“Life is a  transformational journey – a magical, alchemical process that will reignite your passion, reawaken you to your life purpose and reconnect you back onto your soul’s path.” ~ Emily Kisvarda

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