Love and Nurture Grid

“As above so below; So below as above.” ~ The Kybalion

As we each internalise and go through the process of healing, so is our Earth and beyond. Divine swirls of orange and pink continually wrap around every organ, muscle and cell of our body, entwining the memory of love and nurturing within.

To feel and have known pain, loss, grief and despair, gives us the ammunition to heal on a greater level than you could have imagined. It opens us up to world of nurturing, love, peace and joy. This is a part of inner alchemy, transformation that will accelerate your shift in consciousness. 

We are all one.

Soul readings and integrated healing (Pellowah) are available with me via Zoom.

Music I have purchased is by OKA. Song is Elephant Dub from the Love album, 2009

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