Manifest Your Life with the Dissolving Knot Technique.

Recently I was shown a very simple, yet effective technique to release and dissolve old outdated belief systems, thoughts and emotions that no longer serve me. We came here at this time for a reason, whether you believe or not. we are here to learn. For many, the ‘aha’ moment comes through some form of crisis or traumatic experience. throughout life we are given choice to create the changes necessary to live the most fulfilling, healthy, happy, prosperous life one can ever imagine possible. even through adversity, there is always a way.

I’m sharing with you my understanding and this technique which allows you to understand how to work with the dissolving knot technique. When we start to change our thoughts, our perception, the way in which we view all aspects of our reality changes and in turn allows us to heal and a different level.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” ~ Albert Einstein.

When we work with energy, we are restricted by time or space. Energy is everywhere and can melded through consciousness. Words, thoughts, emotions are powerful and through the work of pioneers such as Dr Bruce Lipton, through his research,  has shown that through Epigenetics, it is our environment that affects us more than the 1% which is actually a genetic disposition. our environment changes our DNA.

Remember this, if nothing else, the only permanency in life is change. It is inevitable.

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