Medicine for the Mind, Body and Soul- 28 Sept – 4 Oct

Medicine for the #Mind, #Body and #Soul

The big message for the week is to laugh aloud, be mindful of your breath and use it to centre yourself and eat light or plant food. Surrender to what cannot be controlled and maintain balance and harmony in your life. Practice mindful or meditate, sit in nature, even a park if there is one near you.

This week is all about medicine the  mind, body and soul. At this stage, more than ever, especially with the pandemic at play, the old paradigm is breaking away and we as individuals (we are all connected to the collective) are re-creating our foundations and stability. No matter who you are, rich or poor, successful or trying to make ends meet in business, we are all experiencing a massive shift and a new world order that is starting to unveil. 

This week trust in your instincts and tune into your own energy field. Know that you have  the answers you are looking for as you are your own wisdom keeper. The more you tune in and align your vibration to a higher frequency, new ideas and concepts will be shown to you. You may discover new resources and practical applications for work you are currently undertaking.

Take care and I love you .


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