Mindfulness: 19-25 October

An important message this week to really practice mindfulness and be present.
The more ‘awake’ people are becoming, the greater their awareness becomes, this is what we call consciousness. There is so much that is going on that we are trying to make sense of, see beyond illusion and lies.
This week be mindful of the words you speak but make sure they are your heartfelt truths, be mindful of your thoughts and your actions. Feel into your heart, allow yourself to release any or all fear, release yourself from toxic relationships and make sure you create boundaries for yourself. Now is the time to let go of the old ways, old programming. Be mindful that you are not creating a lot of negative thought and chit chat in your head as this will fester and manifest into things you do not want to create.
Work on creating balance and harmony within yourself.
I mentioned in the beginning my elixirs and one way you can assist in working on your mindfulness and releasing the old programming, fear and anything else holding you back from learning greater knowledge, is by working with my elixirs. for example, Spider Medicine is wonderful for releasing fear.
Work with the solfeggio frequencies to assist in releasing, balancing, nurturing and healing you on all levels.

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