Optimal Health and Well Being: June 29-July 2

This week is a wonderful reminder of the importance of looking after ourselves. It’s about optimal health, that is treating your body like a temple and making sure you are of sound mind and spirit. Interestingly, there is a theme following on from last week as 3 of the cards are repeated from last week.

We are going through major changes now and in doing so need to be more creative as we build the foundations of our future. Be honest with yourself and others. If you feel things are a little tough and need some help of any kind, do reach out for guidance, whether this be from someone you know or a professional.

You may be close to birthing a new business, concept or idea or physically getting ready to give birth . The outlook is very bright. Transformation and miracles are on the way and do happen. Love is high on the agenda, that of self and with another.

Take care of you. If you are healing from any form of illness, be kind to yourself, for those on a journey of awakening, enjoy the ride.

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