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  • 432Hz

    AUD $22.00


    • Balance
    • Harmony
    • Natural universal frequency
    • 9
    • Torus
    • Stability
    • Clarity
    • Calmer

    I am in harmony w...

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  • Alchemy of Isis

    AUD $22.00


    • Love from your heart
    • Nurture
    • Hope
    • Compassion
    • Forgiveness
    • Acceptance of self
    • Loyalty to self
    • Grief and Loss
    • ...
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  • Blue Lotus

    AUD $22.00



    • Spiritual awakening
    • Illumination
    • Rebirth
    • Strength
    • Growth
    • Altered consciousness
    • Stress re...
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  • Elixir of Love, Light and Consciousness

    AUD $66.00

    Combining the high vibration of 3 Divine elixirs – Munay-Ki, Maapun and Keeper of the Codes. A combination that assists in bringing through Energy, Light and Matter  to assist in the awakeni...

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  • I Love You Spray

    AUD $33.00

    I Love You is a  spray that has been created to work with your heart and soul. Open your heart to knowing and feeling the love of self, healing wounds, compasion, acceptance and ultimately, uncond...

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  • Keeper of the Codes

    AUD $22.00

    Keeper of the Codes Uses:

    .Ancestral Re-connection

    .Higher Heart

    .Release Karma


    . Catalyst for change




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  • L.A.B – 33 Elixir Box Set

    AUD $444.00

    The box set contains 33 Liquid Alchemy in a Bottle vibrational elixirs . These are all dosage bottles and can be used by anyone open to trying a complementary therapy that won’t interfere wit...

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  • Love Energy Box

    AUD $144.00

    The I Love You energy box is a self-care package, that allows you to take charge of your own healing, to nourish the soul, to have the highest regard for your well-being and to find the ...

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  • Munay-Ki Medicine

    AUD $22.00
    • Opening and expanding your heart
    • self-realisation and self-discovery
    • self-love
    • Self-acceptance
    • Self-nurturing
    • Self-truths


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  • Pain Away

    AUD $22.00


    • To assist physical pain on all levels
    • Use after a medical procedure to help ease pain
    • Dealing with painful emotions
    • Get to the root problem of your pain...
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  • Self Care Pack

    AUD $77.00

    Self care pack is a combination of 4 beautiful elixirs – Ra Horakhty, Triple Goddess, Munay – Ki and Alchemy of Isis. It is a combination of balance, self care, ritual, self love, nurtu...

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  • Solfeggio Frequency 174Hz

    AUD $22.00


    • I am safe and secure
    • Release karmic connections
    • Release old patterns
    • Soothe emotional pain
    • Anaesthetic effect for physical pain


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  • Solfeggio Frequency 285Hz

    AUD $22.00

    30 ml

    • My body is my temple
    • I love myself
    • Optimal health and well-being on the physical and etheric bodies

    My body is my temple. Optimal health a...

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  • Solfeggio Frequency 528Hz

    AUD $22.00


    • Restore balance and harmony
    • Repair damaged DNA to its original state
    • Cleanse your physical and auric fields, bringing a sense of wellbeing and clearing of unwant...
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  • Solfeggio Frequency 639Hz

    AUD $22.00


    • Reconnect to relationship of self
    • Reconnect to relationships with others
    • Self-love, self-nurture
    • Re-evaluate connections with others
    • Harmonious...
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  • The Triple Goddess

    AUD $22.00

    30 ml

    • empowerment
    • nurturing
    • self-loving
    • creativity
    • Healing
    • Balance
    • Emotional Re-connection
    • Moon phases

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