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  • Alchemy of Thoth

    AUD $22.00


    • Consciously awakening
    • Discovering your soul’s purpose
    • Aid sleep patterns
    • Vivid dreams
    • Pineal gland activation
    • Greater insight and vi...
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  • Blue Lotus

    AUD $22.00



    • Spiritual awakening
    • Illumination
    • Rebirth
    • Strength
    • Growth
    • Altered consciousness
    • Stress re...
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  • Illuminate

    AUD $22.00


    • It is the past, present, future
    • See your light
    • Illuminate your path to find your truth and power
    • You are the keeper of your light
    • Work from the...
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  • Keeper of the Codes

    AUD $22.00

    Keeper of the Codes Uses:

    .Ancestral Re-connection

    .Higher Heart

    .Release Karma


    . Catalyst for change




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  • Sale!

    Power of 3

    Original price was: AUD $66.00.Current price is: AUD $60.00.

    Power of 3 is a divine trilogy of Seed of the Soul, Alchemy of Thoth and Illuminate. It can be worked with at different moon phases or as you are going through  radical shifts in consciousness. Add to cart

  • Protection

    AUD $22.00


    • protection
    • anchoring
    • shield against negativity
    • shield against EMFs
    • cloak energy

    I am protected from negative energy and i...

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  • Seed of the Soul

    AUD $22.00


    • Initiation
    • Rebirth
    • Transformation
    • Amplify energy, frequency and vibration

    I embrace my next level of initiation and rebirth to awa...

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