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  • Elite Noble Shungite – Water Purify



    Natural Elite/ Noble Shungite Stone.

    Size – 7-25 mm.

    weight: sold...

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  • Herkimer Diamonds



    Water clear herkimer diamonds.

    A+ grade water clear herks. 5-7gm

    1 available – Bottom left .


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  • Inner Child Crystal Kit


    Healing the Inner Child Crystal Set

    .Orange calcite nurture

    .Mangano Calcite- Letting Go

    .Smokey quartz – transmute negativity...

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  • Keeper of the Codes


    Keeper of the Codes Uses:

    .Ancestral Re-connection

    .Higher Heart

    .Release Karma


    . Catalyst for change




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  • Labradorite Merkaba


    Stunning labradorite merkaba. Use for gridding, healing, place on an altar, under the bed or on your body.

    Work on the ascension process and the magick surrounding it.

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  • Love Energy Box


    The I Love You energy box is a self-care package, that allows you to take charge of your own healing, to nourish the soul, to have the highest regard for your well-being and to find the ...

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  • Shungite Pyramid 10cm – Back in Stock


    Large shungite pyramid which is a fabulous piece to use on an altar, in a healing, grid or to meditate with in past life connections or because you are drawn to it.

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  • Smoky Quartz 3 – The Power of 3


    A stunning trifecta this piece of smoky quartz with a record keeper to top it off. A powerful piece that holds the energy of 3 – Expansion, expression and consciousness.

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  • Smoky Quartz 4 – Cathedral


    Beautiful smoky quartz cathedral with a fine covering of a druzy quartz on the back . It reminds me of a fairytale castle shimmering in the light.

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  • Smoky Quartz 5 – Twin


    A smoky quartz twin crystal that is perfect to work with if wanting to attract a soulmate or create a more positive relationship with a business partner or family member.

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  • Smoky Quartz 6 – Twinflame


    Ready to find your soulmate? Then you have found the perfect piece twin smoky quartz to work with.

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  • Smoky Quartz 7 – Rejoice


    This divine triple pointed smoky quartz  feels like it carried the energy of the 3 of cups in the tarot deck. The energies are celebration, creativity, rejoice, collaboration and friendship.

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