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  • A Guide to the Sacred Geometry Healing Cards

    A Guide to working with the Sacred Geometry Healing Cards
    Join me for a fun filled morning learning about the importance of why I created the Sacred Geometry Healing Cards and ho...
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  • Chakra Pendulum


    This great pendulum has a clear quartz as its base and crystal chips representing each of the 7 chakras as the chain.


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  • Elixir of Love, Light and Consciousness


    Combining the high vibration of 3 Divine elixirs – Munay-Ki, Maapun and Keeper of the Codes. A combination that assists in bringing through Energy, Light and Matter  to assist in the awakeni...

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  • Herkimer Diamonds



    Water clear herkimer diamonds.

    A+ grade water clear herks. 5-7gm

    1 available – Bottom left .


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  • I Love You Spray


    I Love You is a  spray that has been created to work with your heart and soul. Open your heart to knowing and feeling the love of self, healing wounds, compasion, acceptance and ultimately, uncond...

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  • Sale!

    L.A.B – 33 Elixir Box Set


    The box set contains 33 Liquid Alchemy in a Bottle vibrational elixirs . These are all dosage bottles and can be used by anyone open to trying a complementary therapy that won’t interfere wit...

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  • Labradorite Merkaba


    Stunning labradorite merkaba. Use for gridding, healing, place on an altar, under the bed or on your body.

    Work on the ascension process and the magick surrounding it.

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  • Sale!

    Sacred Geometry Healing Cards 1st Edition


    The Sacred Geometry Healing Cards are a synergy of sacred geometry, animal, plant, frequency and vibration, put together in such a way a...

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  • Set of 9 Solfeggio Frequency Elixirs


    You receive 9 x 15ml bottles

    1x each of – 174 Hz, 285Hz, 396Hz,417Hz, 528Hz, 639Hz, 741Hz, 852Hz, 963Hz

    1 x set of business size cards of the 9 frequencies as well as a little p...

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  • Shungite Pyramid 10cm – Back in Stock


    Large shungite pyramid which is a fabulous piece to use on an altar, in a healing, grid or to meditate with in past life connections or because you are drawn to it.

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  • Smoky Quartz 1 – Cathedral


    Divine Smokey quartz Cathedral formation. I keep visualising a tall castle with turrets surrounding it. A very calming piece with a twin feel as well given the way it has grown. A piece that could ...

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