Alchemy of Osiris

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  • Planting the seed – New Beginnings
  • Growth in mind, body and soul
  • Fertility – physical, material, spiritually
  • Shift in consciousness
  • Prosperity
  • Manifestation
  • Love
  • Hope
  • Respect
  • Passion

The metaphysical journey of life, death and rebirth, shift my level of consciousness through change and growth.


Osiris, also known as Ausser or Usir which translated means powerful. He is one of the most important Neters of Egypt and his consort/wife is Isis. His brother is Set and his consort is Nephthys. All four are siblings and their parents are Nut and Geb. Osiris is depicted as the God of fertility, the underworld and the afterlife. He brings an energy very much like the Phoenix rising. He is seen with green skin which is symbolic of fertility and vegetation.

The story goes that Set, his brother was jealous of Osiris and his popularity as king. Also, as Nephthys wasn’t able to bare a child with Set, Osiris got together with her and they birthed Anubis. In Set’s anger and jealousy, he sets out to kill him and cuts his body into 14 or 42 pieces depending on which version you read. Isis sets out to find her husband. She finds all pieces except his phallus. Isis transforms into a Kite (bird) and seeds herself from Osiris. From this, Horus is then born who later defeats Set and takes over the throne.

As Osiris can no longer be resurrected as he is not whole, he is mummified and becomes the God of the Underworld, the Duat. He was fair and just and wasn’t looking for perfection but for balance. His cycle was all about birth, death and rebirth. Very much like the Phoenix. It is the renewal of life.

In this physical lifetime, we are constantly learning and growing. We are planting the seeds as we set out to shift and expand our levels of consciousness.

For whatever reasons, the way we seem to learn the best is through some form of crisis. For different reasons, we are shaken to our core, given a wakeup call. I always say for every crisis there is a gift. It is the necessity for each of us to go through the cycles of life and death (physically and spiritually). As you shift stagnant energy and outdated belief systems and people in your life that no longer serve, you make room for new fertile ground and new direction. We plant the seeds for new beginnings as we learn from past actions.

The energetics of Osiris is ultimately about powerful personal growth on all levels of our being. It is knowing that as we consciously create change, we can physically manifest what we visualise into the material world. This journey of life allows you to plant the seeds so that not only we benefit from it but those after us do as well. We create the blueprint for future generations.

Osiris also holds the energetics of love, hope, respect and passion.

Another way we can perceive Osiris is through the Ouroboros which is an ancient symbol of a snake eating its own tail. It is symbolic of death and rebirth. snake medicine is all about transformation, transmutation, next level cellular upgrade. it is another form of alchemy as we go through inner growth and change.

Alchemy of Osiris works so beautifully with Ra Horakhty. As you align with your destiny, you are planting the seeds of consciousness that brings about prosperity and physical manifestations to wherever your focus has been. Also use with snake medicine.