Alchemy of Sekhmet

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  • Release self-destructive patterns and behaviours
  • Release guilt
  • Release hardships
  • Release wrongdoings
  • Personal power
  • Time to heal and nurture yourself
  • Be true to yourself

I release all pain, negative patterns and behaviours to fully embrace my spiritual healing and growth.


Sekhmet is the destroyer and the ultimate Healer. She has the head of a lioness and a sun disk on her head. She is also known as the Lady of the bright red linen which depicts the colour of blood. This is because she was the protector of the pharaohs and led them into warfare.

Sekhmet is the daughter of Ra and wife of Ptah, who is depicted in bandages as he manifests through thought, so he doesn’t need to use his arms. He carries the djed of the backbone of Osiris. He is the God of wisdom and their son is Nefertem.

The message here with her is – “You have the power to heal”.

Many of us create our self-destructive paths by reliving these old patterns as we find it hard to break the habits we have created. These ‘wounds’ sit deep within our cellular memory and are part of an old, outdated belief system.

At some point, we have that epiphany, that AHA moment.  The realisation that what we are doing first and foremost to ourselves can be injurious and hurtful, also rubs off onto the relationships closest to us. The AHA moment or for some, rock bottom feeling, is our wake-up call to find the power within to guide yourself onto a path of self-healing and change.

Sekhmet is symbolic of polarity, as she carries both destruction and healing. Each one of us needs to rediscover the degree in which we can find the balance to create peace, harmony and balance so that we can heal that which no longer serves on our chosen path.