Alchemy of Thoth

AUD $22.00


  • Consciously awakening
  • Discovering your soul’s purpose
  • Aid sleep patterns
  • Vivid dreams
  • Pineal gland activation
  • Greater insight and visions
  • Strengthen spirit connection
  • Alter your vibrational frequency

My Pineal gland activates and grants me access to the mysteries of the cosmos.


Alchemy of Thoth has been created to awaken your consciousness on a deeper level and allow the user to harness the hidden, intuitive energies of what they are here to work with. The wisdom you seek will be brought forth for you to access and will play like a movie, giving greater insight that will be shown via visions (both waking and sleeping), thoughts, or an inner knowing. It will give you what you need to know in the present moment. You can scribe all that you receive.

May assist in triggering the pineal gland to release small amounts of DMT ( dimethyltryptamine -naturally).

Alchemy of Thoth allows for a clearer memory and strengthens connection to spirit. As the pineal gland is stimulated, you may find the elixir aids in the circadian rhythm. That is, the regulation of your 24-hour biological clock. From the sleep-wake cycle to eating.

See this elixir as a way of finer tuning your mind. It contains the frequency to awaken and work with the pineal gland, allowing us to open our minds to deeper aspects of life. That which is of the seen and unseen and may also present itself as a knowing.

Allow the Alchemy of Thoth to help reconnect you as you journey on your spiritual path.

It may also assist those who are feeling weighed down in their current situations.