Bear Medicine

AUD $22.00


  • To find inner strength and confidence
  • Courage and will power
  • Inner healing
  • Shamanic work
  • Rest
  • Introspection

I have the strength, courage and resolve to conquer all life challenges


Rest and Introspection

Bear is a symbol of power, strength and confidence. Bears spirit is that of will power, courage and honour. He is a great hunter who will go to all lengths to feed himself and his family, whom he will protect in addition to standing his ground under pressure.

Bear shows excellent leadership qualities and is a grounded spirit. As a master of his own destiny, free will and strength of will play an important part in Bear Medicine. Bear learns to make choices and when needed will voice himself to be heard. He has a strong heart, whilst carrying immense strength to be in control of his surrounding that can be quite harsh. He will show little resistance when it comes to protecting himself as well as his family.

Bear medicine also has a Shamanic side. This means that in a number of cultures, in particular, that of the Native Americans, Bear is seen to hold certain healing abilities. Either, it is time to step up and take on a healing role or work on your own healing journey. Is it time for introspection? That is healing of your emotional, mental, physical or spiritual aspects of self that need rebalancing. One of the main characteristics of self that came through in the last part of creating this vibrational essence, has been love of self, sitting within your heart space. Bear takes the time to be in solitude and rest whilst in hibernation. This is very important so that healing can take place on all levels and he can maintain his soul connection to the sacred land in which he roams.

To be a leader that shows true strength and power, we first need to create balance and harmony within ourselves at a soul level. We need to embrace all aspects of ourselves. This way we will find the passion to be the best teacher, healer, friend, lover and overall master of our soul’s destiny and future and create a stable foundation in which to thrive and survive.