Beautiful Pink Amethyst Freeform

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Open your heart to divine love. Beautiful pink amethyst Freeform

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Now is the time to fully step into our heart energy and opening it up to unconditional love of self, to see our worth and as we do this, the energy within, is released for others to feel into and create a divine domino effect.

Hold this piece close to your heart whilst in meditation or just sitting. Have it next to your bed, on a grid or an altar.

Pink amethyst holds all the energetics of amethyst but adds specifically to the energetics of the heart. Its pink formation is attributed to the mineral hematite.

It assists in times of stress, bringing calm and also nurturing. clarity of mind and heightens intuition.

Amethyst in general – It has a calming effect, and is one of the best stones to use in meditation. Use for overworked, overstressed and overwhelmed mental states. Great to place under a pillow at night for recurring nightmares. Amethyst helps clear and transform energies in the environment where it is placed, and will help to release unbalanced energies.
Amethyst has strong protective qualities and will enhance  psychic abilities and spiritual awareness. Balances and soothes an overactive mind.
They say amethyst can help you to remain sober.
Amethyst can help to cleanse other crystals especially a cluster, by placing other crystals on it.
The endocrine and immune system can be strengthened by amethyst and it’s useful in the treatment of emotional/mental disorders, nervous disorders and easing pain. As an elixir it’s useful for easing the pain of arthritis. Can be used to treat addictive behaviours.
Key words-protection from psychic attack, calming, psychic awareness, treat addictions