Condor Medicine

AUD $22.00


  • Soar above your limitations
  • Break limited patterns of belief
  • Change thought patterns
  • Reweave DNA patterning
  • Reach and create a world of unlimited potential

I create a life of unlimited possibility and potential as I consciously change thought patterns, beliefs and behaviours.


The Condor is a bird that lives in the Peruvian Andes.

It has the largest wingspan of any bird of prey. It soars high in the mountains, gracefully and effortlessly.

The Condor is ultimately the most sacred bird of the Incans, followed closely by the Hummingbird who is seen as the messenger of heaven.

The Chakana or Incan Cross, has many symbols, complexities and understandings. However, there are 3 main worlds in which is depicted and each world is symbolised by an animal.

The upper world or Hana Pacha is symbolised by the condor. The middle world or Kay Pacha is symbolised by the puma and the Underworld or Ucu Pacha is symbolised by the snake.

When Condor Medicine is calling, it is time to release all behaviours and thought patterns that are inhibiting us from reaching and realising our full potential. Condor soars high above the Apus (mountains) reaching for the heights in the sky. As it does this, it flies with pure ease and grace.

Condor has a shadowing to the Phoenix. That is, it is able to release and leave behind limiting and outdated behaviours, ideas, thoughts and patterns that no longer serve. By changing our way of thinking, doing and being, we ultimately rise from the ashes to begin again. When we create this patterning, we are changing at a cellular level and reweaving and anchoring our DNA to truly live our lives with the knowing that the world is our oyster and what we perceive in this lifetime, we can create as our vibration changes bringing forth unlimited potential on all levels of being.


NB- this medicine was created in the very place the Condors Fly. On my trip to Peru, I was blessed to watch them soar and sit and breathe in the essence of these sacred birds of prey.