Divine Intervention

AUD $77.00

To assist with the changes we are facing, I have put together a kit that includes both elixirs and crystals. It’s a little like divine intervention coming to lend a helping hand as we ride the wave of these huge energy shifts.
Included in the pack are:
3 x elixirs – Protection, Munay-Ki and Blue Lotus
3 x crystals – Rose quartz – love, Smoky quartz – protection, transmutation of energy and uplifting, Shungite – protection from EMFs and one of the best physical healing stones.


2020 has seen a good chunk of this year in lockdown because of the Covid pandemic. It has forced many to rethink aspects of their livelihood, in business and on the home front. Life as we knew it has changed dramatically. For some, it feels as though their foundations are crumbling beneath them. For others, it has been a welcomed change and has allowed many to think outside the square.
Many relationships have changed,the biggest being through introspection.This crisis that we have all faced, has shown us many gifts that we wouldn’t have seen before. Many are starting to ‘awaken’ as they go through a shift in consciousness, others have accelerated more rapidly as they were already on this path of healing and discovery.

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