Dragon Tooth Amethyst Smoky Phantom

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Large natural Dragons tooth Amethyst point/wand with a smoky phantom. Can be used to make a wand, staff or used as is in healing or ceremonial work.

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Large natural Amethyst point with a smoky phantom. Can be used to make a wand, staff or used as is in healing or ceremonial work.


Colour is pale to deep purple
A member of the quartz family. It enhances right brain activity. It’s a blood cleanser and energiser. Assists purification and regeneration, and cuts through illusion.
It has a calming effect, and is one of the best stones to use in meditation. Use for overworked, overstressed and overwhelmed mental states. Great to place under a pillow at night for recurring nightmares. Amethyst helps clear and transform energies in the environment where it is placed, and will help to release unbalanced energies.
Amethyst has strong protective qualities and will enhance  psychic abilities and spiritual awareness. Balances and soothes an overactive mind.
They say amethyst can help you to remain sober.
Amethyst can help to cleanse other crystals especially a cluster, by placing other crystals on it.
The endocrine and immune system can be strengthened by amethyst and it’s useful in the treatment of emotional/mental disorders, nervous disorders and easing pain. As an elixir it’s useful for easing the pain of arthritis. Can be used to treat addictive behaviours
Key words-protection from psychic attack, calming, psychic awareness, treat addictions

Smoky Quartz

Colour: brownish to blackish hue. Naturally irradiated
Smoky quartz is one of the most efficient grounding and anchoring stones and at the same time raises your vibrations. Grounds spiritual energy and gently neutralises negative energy. It absorbs electromagnetic smog and blocks geopathic stress. SQ relieves fear, lifts depression and brings emotional calmness. It alleviates suicidal tendencies. Cleanses the base chakra so that passion can flow freely. It helps alleviate nightmares and manifests your dreams and excellent to help with sleeping. When it comes in contact with negative emotions, it gently dissolves them. Aids in clearing the mind for meditation.
As Smoky quartz is naturally irradiated, it’s an excellent stone to use in radiation related illness or chemotherapy. Care needs to be taken in choosing those crystals that have been artificially irradiated to those that are more natural and transparent.
Excellent to use over areas of pain. Good for ailments of hips, abdomen and legs. Benefits the reproductive system, muscle and nerve tissue and the heart. Dissolves cramps, strengthens the back . aids assimilation of minerals and regulates liquids within the body
Key words- grounding, anchoring ,raise vibrations, link to heaven and earth, relieve fear and depression, remove and transmute negativity

Phantom– these are crystals with phantom like growths with the main body of a crystal. They are an inclusion of minerals which range from chlorite, hematite, limonite and some others. To look at, the inclusions seem layered and can paint pictures of mountains or pyramids. The layers show the growth patterns of the crystals over millions of years. Phantoms are excellent when needing to do a lot of inner self work and give you access to your soul. It is about ‘inner work’ of yourself.