Egypt Tour October 1-13, 2024

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Join Yousef Awyan and Emily Kisvarda on an unforgettable tour of Egypt from the 1st-13th October 2024. The Seed of SeKheM has been created to allow each individual participant to reawaken, re-connect and re-activate your power, passion and purpose on your journey of life.

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You hold the power to allow yourself to heal.

The Seed of SeKheM tour is a sacred and personal journey of self-healing and self-discovery. Seckem/Sechem/Seichem translates to POWER. It is the wisdom that one gains on all levels. It is the power of the mind, the power of the body and ultimately the power of the spirit or creating a higher state of consciousness. It is a passage where healing, growth, initiation and activation will take place on so many levels. Whether you are a novice or the experienced traveller, I assure, you will not leave Egypt the way you arrived. It truly is a life changing experience.



The mecca to Egypt and the sacred sites in which we visit, are an initiation into expanding your perception of life, heightening your awareness, shifting your level of consciousness, awakening and activating the energy centres within your body. It is an experience way beyond the 5 senses that we know. Unfortunately, over time, our biology has been reprogrammed to inhibit us from being able to use all sensations, intuition and perception.



Preparing for your arrival in Egypt, it is important to come with an open mind. Here you are entering a whole different world. One that takes you on a journey of introspection as you tap into and harness the energetics of your surroundings. Each place contains a frequency of pure magic that is contained within and around each of the temples, pyramids and designated sites. Each step of the way is re-enacting the initiates learning through the wonder of the ancient mystery schools. As your senses heighten you not only interact with the material aspect of the physical but you begin to look beyond and tap in on a spiritual level. At each temple, you will learn about each Neter/Neteret such as Thoth, Osiris, Ma’at, Isis, Seshat, Sekhmet and more. Gain insight and understanding to the cosmic order that applies to each one.



You will also see the architecture and workmanship of an advanced civilisation that utilised technology beyond our understanding and still to this day remains an enigma and, in most cases, can’t be reproduced. A perfect example is The Great Pyramid of Giza. It is a precise collection of mathematical, cosmological and astronomical blueprints. It has been built with such precision and alignment.



All life is connected, we are all a part of the oneness and the sacred architecture of life. Just as our body is a temple, a sacred space, to introspect, regenerate, initiate, attune to and activate, so are the Temples and pyramids in Egypt (and world-wide). These structures were built for us to learn and grow, to awaken the 360 senses we were born to utilise. We are here to gain the knowledge and experiences, to work with the different vibrational frequencies, the different planes of consciousness that have been a part of the mystery schools in Egypt and afar. This is our initiation and activation.

Are you now ready to manifest your dreams and create your inner alchemy? Join Yousef Awyan and Emily Kisvarda as they open your eyes to see beyond the vale and bring an awareness and understanding of universal laws that can be felt, seen and heard within the sacred sites of Egypt. We are all the seeds of creation. We have the ability to tap into the resources surrounding us and as we harness this force, we can manifest anything and everything as we make our conscious thoughts our reality.



Use this link to view itinerary The Seed of SeKheM

Note – Unlike most tours, we have designed an itinerary to take you into places most will not see in their lifetimes and special permission is needed to grant access to these locations.

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Testimonials from The Seeds of Khemit Tour – October 2023

I thought the trip was wonderful. It was safe, like very safe, well for the most part. There are beggars and vendors and pickpockets but it’s very fun here. The food was amazing and the people are really nice. As someone who is under 15, I find it very appealing to younger audiences. The tour guides were amazing and the sites provide so much information and it would definitely be a trip you never forget.

Bella – age 12


My daughter and I visited Egypt, Oct 2023, and thrilled that we chose Seed of the Soul to support our excursion and travel needs.  We arrived, not knowing what to expect, and left incredibly pleased with the experience.  Every detail was taken into account from the original booking to the day we departed to go home.  Seed of the Soul/Emily Kisvarda, was incredibly transparent, answered all our questions timely, provided fantastic and knowledgeable tour guides/Egyptologists, let us experience amazing historical sites, ensured we had excellent accommodations and meal options as well as gave us time to explore on our own if we chose to do so.  I believe a lot of thought and care was put into place when planning out our itinerary.  There were days we visited more than one site; however, never felt rushed and left each one in amazement.  The pyramids were incredible; however, the Serapeum blew my mind leaving me with more questions than answered. The Nile Cruise was incredibly relaxing and I loved the opportunity of visiting different cities and smaller towns alllowing us additional insight to the culture and charm of Egypt.  Out of all my travel opportunities, this trip was in my top 3 and my soul felt at peace. This trip exceeded all my expectations and left me wanting more.   – Charla D’Amato


Thank You Emily for an amazing experience. There was so much more to all the sites we visited. Your wisdom and perspective was truly insightful. We are so glad you were there to coordinate all the best sites with your perspective.  We were truly in awe of everything we experienced. So many wonderful memories. Thank you.    -Cat