Elixir of Love, Light and Consciousness

AUD $66.00

Combining the high vibration of 3 Divine elixirs – Munay-Ki, Maapun and Keeper of the Codes. A combination that assists in bringing through Energy, Light and Matter  to assist in the awakening process and expanding consciousness.

3x30ml bottles


With the Summer Solstice approaching on the 21/22 December in the Southern Hemisphere (winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere), I have been guided to put 3 of the elixirs together as a trilogy at this time.

Munay-ki means I Love You in Quechua. we are here to learn now to love unconditionally from the heart, and release all aspects of fear.

  • Opening and expanding your heart
  • self-realisation and self-discovery
  • self-love
  • Self-acceptance
  • Self-nurturing
  • Self-truths

Maapun is understanding that All is connected. As Above, So Below. Maapun translates to where the stars and healing align.

  • Balance
  • Reset
  • Realign
  • Release the old paradigm
  • Ancestral healing
  • Release all fear, exchanging it for love
  • Healing our energy bodies
  • DNA activation
  • New codes/upgrade

Keeper of the Codes is a catalyst for activation and change. It connects to our Sky chakra,  a portal to higher realms. The higher heart is opened expanding the portal to consciousness and our soul purpose.

.Ancestral Re-connection

.Higher Heart

.Release Karma


. Catalyst for change




.Soul purpose


.Clair Abilities

.Radiate Light


We are here to heal ourselves and our planet, to raise the frequency of The All, healing the earth’s heart, our heart, and the cosmic heart. Transformation is at hand.




Elixir of Love, Light and Consciousness

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