I Love You Spray

AUD $33.00

I Love You is a  spray that has been created to work with your heart and soul. Open your heart to knowing and feeling the love of self, healing wounds, compasion, acceptance and ultimately, unconditional love.

100ml bottle


Love of self is such a pertinent aspect of our everyday lives. Many of us go through life being what we believe we are here to do and achieve. That is placing our energy and focus on our partners, our children, jobs, money, and family in general. How many of us stop and look in the mirror and see the true beauty of our soul essence? Do you stop and say “I love you”? Do you see the true and pure essence of your spirit, and all you are, and what you have to offer yourself? Does your heart sing? Do you accept yourself for yourself?

Use “I Love You” spray to work with your heart and soul. See and feel the love that is within you. Spray this frequency all around you, in your room, around the bed or maybe an altar that you have set up to attract a soul partner into your life or working on aspects of self. If you have an altar, place it in the far right corner from the front door. 

 It is so much easier to give love to others than it is to ourselves but it’s the most crucial for our growth on every level. Spend 5 minutes a day for yourself. Stand in front of a mirror and see the beauty that stands before you. Know how much you are love and loved.

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