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  • It is the past, present, future
  • See your light
  • Illuminate your path to find your truth and power
  • You are the keeper of your light
  • Work from the inside out
  • For some it represents the hermit card of the Tarot deck
  • Highest order – I AM presence
  • Truth and light illuminate my path.

IN-ATE-ILL-UME (sound 3 times)


When I created this elixir, I was channeling a message from Thoth. “I am the keeper of the light. Hear ye and take yield. Thine power is strong. Your essence is to be called Illuminate.”

Illuminate represents the past, the present and the future. Illuminate your life, see the light as it guides you to find your truth and your power. Illuminate your path as you are the keeper of your light.

Maybe you are coming through a ‘dark night of the soul’, you have been in introspection and are creating some much-needed inner alchemy, that of transformation and change. Illumination makes you become fully aware of who you are. When you first start ingesting this frequency, you may feel uncomfortable as t is like looking into a mirror and seeing your reflection. Each time you take this elixir, it is important to sound the word – IN-ATE-ILL-UME (sound 3 times). It is important for this vibration to be felt within every cell of your body. Remember, words are spells and a form of magic. When we sound the word and feel it, the transformation will be amazing. I SEE YOU.