Inner Child Crystal Kit

AUD $25.00

Healing the Inner Child Crystal Set

.Orange calcite nurture

.Mangano Calcite- Letting Go

.Smokey quartz – transmute negativity and energetically uplifting.

.Citrine – happiness and joy

.Tangerine Quartz – healing the inner child and bringing joy

. Rose quartz – unconditional love

. Rose quartz bracelet- unconditional love

.Carnelian – physical energy, courage, passion, power within


Inner Child –

Re-connect to the inner child, a world of child play that is so pure and free from responsibility. For those ready to delve into the depths and heal any wounding and trauma, now is the time if you are ready to trust in the process. It won’t be easy but what you will gain from it is empowering and life altering for the better. There is help out there if you need it through counselling, self-help and  alternative and complementary therapies to name a few, if you choose to seek it out.

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