Keeper of the Codes


Keeper of the Codes Uses:

.Ancestral Re-connection

.Higher Heart

.Release Karma


. Catalyst for change




.Soul purpose


.Clair Abilities

.Radiate Light





This elixir was created on the summer solstice in December 2020.


It was intended to bring together a number of sacred sites from around the world; joining them in a way that would create an explosion of energy, connecting heaven and earth, the star systems and the ley lines, a network of neural pathways. Given the signs of the times all we endure right now, these events of the pandemic playing out; no time is better than now to bring everything together.

Keeper of the Codes is a catalyst for activation and change. It connects to our Sky chakra,  a portal to higher realms. The higher heart is opened expanding the portal to consciousness and our soul purpose. Here we express our soul truth, knowing and understanding . We reconnect with Esoteric knowledge and wisdom that connects us to the ALL. We re-connect to our ancestral lines.  It is time to Remember, Reconnect and Reignite this information as we transform. We are here to learn loving lessons of forgiveness and compassion as we go through major spiritual growth.

We are here to heal ourselves and our planet, to raise the frequency of The All, healing the earth’s heart, our heart, and the cosmic heart. Transformation is at hand.

Let us realign, let’s reactivate the crystalline matrix in and around Earth. Re-awaken the #seedofthesoul.We are all connected.

Energy, matter and Light are the Universal Constants. All is Consciousness.