L.A.B – 33 Elixir Box Set

AUD $444.00

The box set contains 33 Liquid Alchemy in a Bottle vibrational elixirs . These are all dosage bottles and can be used by anyone open to trying a complementary therapy that won’t interfere with any other therapies. Please note for the avid alchemist and or practitioner, a box of stock elixirs can also be purchased. Please contact me for more details – emily@phoenixgateway.com.au

Included are 33 x 15ml bottles of each frequency, a 20 page colour booklet with what you need to know about each elixir and about energetic frequencies. As an added bonus, you receive a set of the 9 solfeggio frequency cards and booklet to assist you when you feel drawn to working with a frequency but unsure which one to use. A guided booklet is also supplied with the cards.

An extra elixir is gifted with this box. It is Keeper of the Codes.





Liquid Alchemy in a Bottle or L.A.B. – Is a complementary therapy that works on different emotional states of well-being as well as on pain. They are energetically created to nurture, balance and heal, the mind, body and soul.

Elixirs are a water frequency, made with a combination of different energies such as sound, crystals, herbs, feathers and geometry. It is then bottled with a small amount of alcohol so that it keeps. Lots of love goes into the creation process and infuses the elixir.

They can be taken with Western Medicine but please note, do not replace prescription medication as prescribed by your medical professional with the elixirs.


The elixirs that have been created through L.A.B, can be divided into a number of categories –

. Manifestation

. Love

. Healing

. Ascension

. Protection and Grounding

. Solfeggio Frequencies

. Egyptian

These can then be broken down again into other categories such as –

. Star Kids

. Women’s Balance

. Magick

. Balance

. I Love You

. Merkaba Activation


14 reasons to work with L.A.B

  1. Help to reprogram our mind and body
  2. Shift consciousness
  3. Release dissonance and create coherence
  4. Alter our vibrational frequencies
  5. Change and shift perception and belief systems
  6. Use in Meditation = expanding consciousness
  7. Aid children and adults with behavioural issues
  8. Assist in the release of physical pain or lessen the pain
  9. Work on aspects of self-love
  10. Believe in yourself and see yourself in a radiant light
  11. Assist in nurturing those dealing with grief or trauma
  12. Enhance Dream States
  13. Stress Release, Calming and Relaxing.
  14. Hormonal changes



What is so pertinent is that our bodies constitute over 60% water. It opens us up to the realm of knowing that different vibrations and forms can stay within our cellular memory and create balance and harmony (resonance) or manifest into unbalance and illness (dissonance).

Through research such as that of Masaru Emoto, we know water structure can change through positive and negative vibrations. As our bodies are 100% geometry, including water, it holds knowledge and memory during the journey it takes, whether it is in our body or within the ocean or lake.


Working with L.A.B, not only are you consciously creating change, you are changing your own physiology, as the elixirs work at a cellular level and enhance optimal well – being. What you start to notice is a shift in energy. This causes a chain reaction as our frequency starts to change. As our frequency contains specific codes, we are in turn, changing the information we are communicating on a cellular level both internally, and externally. As these energy patterns change, we can start to understand that we can manifest infinite possibilities into our reality with the changes we make.


The elixirs work beautifully and can be enhanced in combination with other healing modalities and meditation.