Love Energy Box

AUD $144.00

The I Love You energy box is a self-care package, that allows you to take charge of your own healing, to nourish the soul, to have the highest regard for your well-being and to find the happiness and love within you. For those on a mission looking for love, the intention can also be set.


Each day I say – “I love you which opens and expands my heart to receive love and give love.”


  • Love Spray (100ml)
  • Elixirs x4 – Munay Ki, Alchemy of Isis, 528Hz, 639Hz (15ml bottles)
  • Crystals – Clear Quartz Points, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Mangano Calcite, Fluorite Octahedron, Emerald, Selenite Rod
  • Love Frequency Template (A6)
  • Bath Salts 
  • 4 x Candles

All 5 elements are present within – air, water, earth, fire and spirit. 

Everything we need to create and change begins with you. A heart wide open and a mind willing to shift thought and create positive change.

Re-member, all is energy. We are not restricted by time or space.

Over $160 worth of products.

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