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  • Balance
  • Reset
  • Realign
  • Release the old paradigm
  • Ancestral healing
  • Release all fear, exchanging it for love
  • Healing our energy bodies
  • DNA activation
  • New codes/upgrade

As above, so below; As within, so without; As the universe, so the Soul


The relationship between the stars and healing. Where the stars and healing align. This is the name channelled and given to the elixir created in Uluru. The second Hermetic Principle is called the Law of Correspondence.  That is, our outer world is no more than a reflection of our inner world: “As above, so below; as within so without; as the soul, so the universe.” ~ The Kybalion. What is happening on ground level and within sacred places such as Uluru and Egypt, is what is being mirrored in the stars. The stars represent the neurons transmitting energy impulses along what we can consider the axons. This is the same in the earth as impulses are fired and travel down the axons or ley lines that join other ley lines and sacred sites around the world.

With the ever-changing world upon us, we are being awakened and more and more of the blueprint that is encoded within our DNA is being activated. We are realizing just how connected we are to the collective. That everything around us stems from the beginning of time when consciousness created form. We are all a part of the one heart universally. It’s time to realign, reset and rebalance our mind, body and soul to fully open to and allow for our cellular memory to be encoded with the new and higher frequencies of the times.

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