Power of 3

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Power of 3 is a divine trilogy of Seed of the Soul, Alchemy of Thoth and Illuminate. It can be worked with at different moon phases or as you are going through  radical shifts in consciousness.

Thoth is the God of wisdom, writing, hieroglyphs, science and astronomy. He is the left eye of Horus and symbolises the moon.

Seed of the Soul takes you through an initiation and activation. Its link is direct to the Great Pyramid, Cheops.

ILLUMINATE your soul, allow your inner self to light up and guide you on your path. Allow yourself to shine bright and illuminate within as well as out. From the darkness into the light.



Seed of the Soul:

  • Ψ Initiation
  • Ψ Rebirth
  • Ψ Transformation
  • Ψ Amplify energy, frequency and vibration
  • Ψ I embrace my next level of initiation and rebirth to awaken to higher wisdom and understanding.

Alchemy of Thoth Essence:

  • Ψ Consciously awakening
  • Ψ Discovering your soul’s purpose
  • Ψ Aid sleep patterns
  • Ψ Vivid dreams
  • Ψ Pineal gland activation
  • Ψ Greater insight and visions
  • Ψ Increased visions
  • Ψ Strengthen spirit connection
  • Ψ Alter your vibrational frequency
  • Ψ My Pineal gland activates and grants me access to the mysteries of the cosmos.


  • Ψ It is the past, present, future
  • Ψ See your light
  • Ψ Illuminate your path to find your truth and power
  • Ψ You are the keeper of your light
  • Ψ Work from the inside out
  • Ψ For some it represents the hermit card of the Tarot deck
  • Ψ Highest order – I AM presence
  • Ψ Truth and light illuminate my path.

       IN-ATE-ILL-UME (sound 3 times)


Liquid alchemy in a bottle or L.A.B. – Is a complementary therapy that works on different emotional states of well-being as well as on pain. Energetically created to nurture, balance and heal, the mind, body and soul.

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