Protection Spray

AUD $33.00

Given the last 2 years in particular, where many have felt insecurity, fear, anxiety and an awakening of reality, Protection spray has been created to assist in protecting from ill-harm and negativity from people, IT and more. It helps to clear and uplift you and your environment.



In the world we live in where we are ruled by next generation technology such as 5G and other artificial intelligence, that it starts to affect the way we think and the way we function. Even some of the foods we eat have been genetically modified.

We are constantly exposed to blue light on a daily basis which comes from devices such as computers and laptops, smartphones, fluorescent and LED lights.

Then there are people that cross our paths that test us, drain us of energy and emit negative energy. Their words may be harsh and deliberate, throwing spite in your face.

Protection spray energetically protects your auric field and your  surroundings.

Excellent to use after cutting cord ceremony, group work, healings.


.blessed water

.essential oils of Myrrh, Frankincense, Sage, Juniper Berry

L.A.B elixirs – protection and 741HZ

Sharing an experiment that i did 2 years ago when I created Protection Elixir

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