Ra Horakhty

AUD $22.00

  • Balance polarity
  • Align mind, body, soul
  • Balance ebb and flow
  • Assist in balancing hormonal issues
  • Shadow/Mirror work
  • Pineal activation

Polarity is restored in my body through a balanced distribution of energy, frequency and vibration.


Ra Horakhty translated is – the alignment of the sun with the horizon. It is about the balance of polarities. It can translate to Ra, who is Horus of the two horizons or god of the two horizons. This doesn’t mean that Horus is Ra or Re. At times, Ra was depicted with a falcons head that had a sun disc on it. It is more about the depiction of Horus dwelling over the horizons as he is known as the sky god or god of war and is depicted with the head of a falcon. Horus translates to Heru or Hero. His right eye represents the sun and his left eye the moon. Hence the amulet – the eye of Horus, signifies protection. Hence Horus is consciousness, bringing together duality and balance. He depicts higher consciousness and an activation of the pineal gland.

Please note that Horus is not the sun god.

This elixir helps to balance the polarities of the body, mind and soul. When we speak of polarity, we are dealing with perspective, duality, poles and a pair of opposites. Opposites that are identical in nature but different in degree. It is where two extremes meet.

It is all about the mirror or shadow self. It is a perfect complementary tool to use to help bring this work to the surface to acknowledge and release.

As it helps to create balance, it is an additional complementary therapy that can be used in treating hormonal imbalances.

Other aspects when working with this elixir is working on standing in your power. That is honouring what is important to you, whether it be defending your decisions, walking your talk or getting yourself seen. Let go of doubt and self – sabotage. It’s time to accept yourself for who you are which include weaknesses and strengths, smart decisions and blunders and not give a shit what anyone thinks of you. Have the courage to stand up for yourself.

Ra Horakhty and Alchemy of Osiris work beautifully together. As you align with your destiny,your vibration lifting as you experience a radical shift in consciousness (pineal activation), you are planting the seeds of consciousness that brings about prosperity and physical manifestations to wherever your focus has been.

another divine combination are Illuminate, Ra Horakhty and Alchemy of Thoth.