Readings with Emily

AUD $111.00

A 45-60 minute intuitive reading with Emily using her sacred Geometry Healing Cards as the basis of the reading. Emily is an intuitive reader who uses her cards,intuition and energy to guide her.


My readings are not your common style Tarot readings. I am an intuitive reader who will pick up energetically on my client and access the situation as a whole. I look at the person from a holistic standpoint.

I give advice based on the cards and what I feel. I include affirmations, holistic techniques, use of frequencies and intuit what may benefit you most.

The Sacred Geometry Healing Cards are based on a healing as well as an oracle guided system and work beautifully together to work on mind, body and soul whilst giving you answers to questions you have been wanting to know.

“Love The sacred geometry cards and I use them every day in healing and during my own meditations. Emily’s readings are intuitive, to the point, gentle and precise. Make sure u book in with her for her energy readings!” ~ Andrew Yeo.