Set of 9 Solfeggio Frequency Elixirs

AUD $125.00

You receive 9 x 15ml bottles

1x each of – 174 Hz, 285Hz, 396Hz,417Hz, 528Hz, 639Hz, 741Hz, 852Hz, 963Hz

1 x set of business size cards of the 9 frequencies as well as a little pocket booklet.

when you are uncertain of what you need for the day, shuffle the cards and ask with clear intention which frequency you need to work with. Then ingest that elixir and listen to the tone of that frequency if you choose to do both.

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9, then you would hold the key to

the universe.” ~ Nikola Tesla

Over $150 worth of value


The Solfeggio frequencies are a group of frequencies—the main being a six-tone scale of electromagnetic frequencies (although some use a nine-tone scale)—that are considered sacred tones and used in well-known Gregorian chants and, in particular, can be found in the hymn to St. John the Baptist. Each one of these tones when sung. or played in harmony, can bring about spiritual blessings, harmony, healing and miracles. This is because energy and vibration reverberate all the way to the molecular structure of DNA.

The six main tones that make up the Solfeggio frequencies are Ut-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La. The other three frequencies, which can be used in conjunction, don’t really have a tone but do have a frequency, although 963Hz can be given the toning “Si.”

Below are the short meanings of each frequency:

396 Hz: UT (Liberate)
The intention is to turn grief into joy and liberate guilt and fear. The tone helps break through the defence mechanisms that we perceive to be holding us back and that we may be hiding behind.

417 Hz: RE (Change)
The intention is to facilitate change by helping to cleanse traumatic experiences and clear destructive infl uences.

528 Hz: MI (Transformation/Miracles)
MI—mira gestorum in Latin means “miracle.” This tone is used by genetic biochemists. It returns damaged human DNA to its original state. This tone is said to bring about miracles and transformation.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, author of The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of Love, speaks in depth about the secrets and miracles of 528 Hz. Dr. Horowitz says that music is the universal language, love is the universal healer, and water is the universal solvent. When you put all these together, you get the best-kept secret.

639 Hz: FA (Connecting)
This tone is about reconnecting and balancing relationships, be they partnerships or interpersonal with family and friends, including spiritual family and soul groups.

741 Hz: SOL (Expression)
This tone allows for freedom of self-expression.

852 Hz: LA (Intuition)
This tone brings us back to God.

The other three frequencies are the following:

174 Hz
Used for pain management and works as a natural anaesthetic. Can remove energetic pain as well as karmic energy. Gives your organs a sense of security and love. This is the lowest tone.

285 Hz
Helps return tissue to its natural structure and helps the body feel rejuvenated.

963 Hz: SI
This tone connects to light and Spirit. It brings us back to oneness or our true nature.