Snake Medicine

AUD $22.00


  • Transformation, reweaving, reactivating and cleansing our DNA patterns
  • Quantum leaping and Evolutionary changes
  • Rebirth
  • Adapting to new frequencies
  • Shift of consciousness
  • Opening our heart and anchoring our body of light

My spiritual and physical bodies are transforming by reweaving, reactivating and cleansing my DNA patterns


Snake medicine is the last of the trilogy with owl and wolf. Snake ties the trilogy together. So many words come to mind – nurture, honour, light activation, rebirth, regeneration, duality, wisdom, the new paradigm, transformation, quantum leaping.

When a snake sheds his skin or top layer, the underlying layer is sensitive and raw. It is new, holding within another level of DNA coding and patterning. Snake needs to be careful and protect this new layer whilst still vulnerable to outside influences and energy. Snake medicine is a representation of rebirth, a shift in consciousness, a new activation of frequency. As old belief systems are shed, it makes way for new and lighter information and coding to be impregnated into our cellular structure and core belief system. It will realign the subtle bodies including the physical.

Through my channelling, I have been shown that the combination of owl, wolf and snake, can Re-activate our Merkaba, in Hebrew it translates to chariot. The Merkaba is a part our diamond light body, our connection to heaven and Earth, our lifeforce. It assists in balancing polarities of gender, light and dark, fire and water. It is our vehicle, our chariot to assist us in our ascension and healing, as well as Re-membering lost ancient knowledge and wisdom.

To reactivate and reignite the Merkaba, two main things need to occur. The first is to experience unconditional love and know divine love of self (wolf medicine). Without divine love, the Merkaba will only act as a machine and thus have its limitations. To be able to move beyond our limitations, we need to learn to express love of self as well as universal love because we are a collective that is unified and when we start to act from this divine place of love, we release the lower vibrations of fear. The second is to connect to our higher self, which only you can work on and try and understand through awareness of your soul’s journey, knowing who you are and where you have come from (owl medicine). We learn to shift our consciousness. When we perfect the use of the Merkaba, it will allow us to shift through dimensions and access information of our ancestors and prior civilisations and connect into higher realms. We will experience expanded awareness and elevated consciousness as we modify our vibration.

Owl + Wolf = Snake = open mind + open heart = quantum shift, DNA recoding and reawakening, rebirth.


*liquid alchemy in a bottle are elixirs that are a natural, vibrational complementary therapy that may be used in conjunction with other medications and or treatments. They have been created to assist on a holistic level. They are in no way to be substituted for any medical prescriptions and or advise. I take no responsibility for any health decisions made by the client. If they choose to terminate any treatments they are on, this is solely the ownership of the client in question.

The term medicine is used here to express a holistic approach that nurtures, balances and heals the mind, body and soul.