Spider Medicine

AUD $22.00


  • Create firm foundations in your life
  • Help with our ambitions and will
  • Find balance within our lives
  • Manifest dreams and desires
  • Release fear holding you back

I release all fear and blocks to create a joyful and abundant life.


Spider is the most amazing creator of her home and laying foundations. She is adaptable and interchangeable at any given time. Spider builds her web of life over and over again. Each web is unique and a true masterpiece.

By using the building blocks of life to create our foundation, this gives us strength, ambition, will and ultimately makes us truly unique individuals.

By building a firm infrastructure, we ground ourselves to Gaia. As our foundations grow upward and outward, we can create perfect balance and harmony with our lives and connect to our Soul Purpose, hence creating a beautiful flow of energy. As Above, So Below.

Life teaches that what we perceive, we create. Our thoughts can control how we see our lives and change the path of our destiny. As unique as each web is to spider every time one is built, so to each one of us are as individuals.

Life deals us ups and downs. We need to make mistakes to learn how to do it better the next time. It is imperative for us to go through this cycle so that we can learn to manifest our dreams and desires. To create the balance needed within our lifetime and to go with the continual flow of energy that surrounds us.

The essence of spider works with the number 8. Manifestation, balance and flow through our connection anchoring us to heaven (soul star) and earth (soul star).

*liquid alchemy in a bottle are elixirs that are a natural, vibrational complementary therapy that may be used in conjunction with other medications and or treatments. They have been created to assist on a holistic level. They are in no way to be substituted for any medical prescriptions and or advise. I take no responsibility for any health decisions made by the client. If they choose to terminate any treatments they are on, this is solely the ownership of the client in question.

The term medicine is used here to express a holistic approach that nurtures, balances and heals the mind, body and soul.