Starlight Medicine

AUD $22.00


  • It is grounding and makes the person taking it more tolerant.
  • It will give the person the ability to cope and work within the specified parameters of whatever they are doing.
  • Refines behaviour.
  • Reactivate DNA coding.
  • Reawaken the subconscious and re-membering your soul’s essence

I activate and anchor higher frequencies within my mind, body and spirit.


This elixir has been created for the star children of today (including adults) that have chosen to come forth to evolve on this planet. Many children coming through today are showing traits of behavioural issues such as A.D.H.D. A.D.D, Asperger’s syndrome, Anxiety, O.D.D and so on. Our conditioning as such has not allowed for integration of their complex thoughts and ideals.

The light bodies and frequencies which were once activated lay dormant within their DNA strands. The complexity of these frequencies would naturally allow them to converse and operate at 7th dimensional frequencies. When I speak of dimensions, I’m talking about different base rate waveforms. Meaning, we go through different octaves – wavelengths, taking us to different frequencies and hence into different dimensions. The higher the frequency, the shorter and faster the wavelength. The lower the frequency, the longer and slower the wavelength (most know these as sine waves). So, in understanding this, the star children are of a different frequency.

The geometric shape associated with this elixir is the stellated icosahedron. This shape works with the element of water and has a feminine quality. The icosahedron when stellated, each of its 20 triangular faces are extended out to look like a star. The dual of the icosahedron is the dodecahedron which works with the element of ether or spirit. What happens with this shape is it can actually be made infinitely larger or smaller and when it reaches a specific angle, it shapeshifts into its dual. It is a true shape shifter and the pair or dual are a marriage made in heaven.

Many of us are born into this lifetime ‘asleep’. There are some who are born already consciously ‘awake’. Through Starlight, this energy assists one through the shifts in consciousness but helps one to speak their heartfelt truths and deal with aspects of their E-motions (icosahedron).

We are here to Re-learn how to Re-connect to these higher frequencies (dodecahedron) as we raise our own vibrations. As we start to Re-remember, our hearts and minds will overflow with love and divine clarity and inner knowing. We understand that we are all part of a collective and when we learn to love unconditionally, there is no place for fear to reside. We will go through radical shifts in consciousness that allows us to reach and work with these higher dimensions and reconnect to our origins. Hence, this elixir is wonderful for our star children as it gives them a sense of belonging and a deep inner knowing whilst assisting them with their behavioural patterns.