The Triple Goddess

AUD $22.00

30 ml

  • empowerment
  • nurturing
  • self-loving
  • creativity
  • Healing
  • Balance
  • Emotional Re-connection
  • Moon phases

I am empowered by the power of 3 – Maiden, Mother and Crone as I create, love and nurture Me.


A vision of Lemuria stands before me, mountains created from the crystalline matrix of the earth, glowing luminescent as it radiates energy in all directions. The High Priestess weaves her magick in the purist of light form and energetically sends health, healing, love and infinite abundance through the matrix that joins heaven and earth. The essence of this elixir combines the ‘Triple Goddess’ – Maiden, Mother, Crone. It combines the energies of the different life cycles, whether you are pre, peri or post menopause. It may assist with fertility as its essence works within the sacral area to assist with balance, nurturing and harmony. It’s an excellent elixir to work with the moon phases.  It is a potion for empowerment, self-nurturing and self – love, creativity and healing. It assists you on all levels W-holistically.

Call upon the Goddess Hecate to help you embrace the triple Goddess. She who rules the three worlds- Heaven, Earth and the Underworld. Hecate will represent the aspect of life you are in now. She can help you understand the feminine divine, the creator who holds truth, inner knowledge and wisdom.

Other Goddesses may present themselves to you whilst working with this energy. It will be very personal. Two that come to mind are: Aphrodite – beauty, love, pleasure, procreation and Freya – beauty, love and fertility.