13 Week masterclass e-course


The 12 around the one- 13-week master class e-course. The 12 around the 1 in geometry, is an expression of The All. Seen within creation story, from genesis pattern to the egg of life. The Egg is 13 spheres in 2D, and contains the blueprint of who we are, such as eye colour. The underlying pattern of the torus is the vector equilibrium, a system of perfect flow and centredness, and everything in between. It is sacred, meaning it is fixed and unchangeable.

The 12+1, gives us an extensive chakra system, the chromatic musical scale, the 13 Archangels. It is a part of cosmometry, the study of fundamental patterns and processes. From 12+1=13, the next octave in vibration, the next level of our shift in consciousness.

The 13-week masterclass e-course has been designed for a number of reasons. Here are a few:
  1. Learn at your own pace
  2. Learn and gain a deeper understanding of sacred geometry. Includes – Fibonacci, phi, platonic solids, harmonics, torus, merkaba, seed of life, egg of life, flower of life, fruit of life, Metatron’s cube, the pentagram and more
  3. See how everything is connected, from our architecture, language, sound, art, mathematics
  4. Learn about energy, frequency and vibration
  5. Law of Attraction and Manifestation
  6. Solfeggio frequencies – “sound will be the medicine of the future.” ~ Edgar Cayce
  7. The structure of Water
  8. The art of gridding
  9. Creating vibrational elixirs
  10. Self-healing
  11. Shift in consciousness
  12. New tools and information system to use personally and professionally

    Each week, you will learn through 1 of the 12 master templates which 11 are a part of the second edition of my Sacred Geometry Healing Cards. Each of the 12 templates have aspects of all the above and more and breaks it down into an easier way to learn. Each week will be a combination of the origin, sacred geometry, different energetics through animals, crystal, specific megaliths or other pertinent frequencies.

    The aim will also be to work over a week with each grid to absorb the energy and all the coding within.

    Each week will have a meditation, specific grid and some homework set.

    The 13th week is the art of gridding and elixir creating. Here we go into the structure of water, it’s underlying geometry. We look at the work of Masaru Emoto, cymatics and why our crystalline structure benefits greatly from working with vibrational medicine. By the end, you will also be creating your own elixirs.

    Once you have purchased, you will receive a pdf for each week to download and a full set of the 12 master templates to work with. There will be a private group on Facebook set up for questions to be answered as well as to share any information to do with the course.



    Please enjoy my weekly readings that I do using my sacred geometry healing cards. These are a general read and will not resonate with everyone.