Reset, Realign, Reactivate: August 3-9

A longer reading but a week of astrological importance.

The work needing to be done now is from the inside out.

Our lives have been disrupted on a massive level and it puts us into a position where we need to reset our lives and realign to energies that will serve us and allow us to be in a place of balance and centredness. we are re-learning to align with the right frequencies and in a place where we can connect to higher wisdom and knowledge.

With the 8/8 Lion’s Gate, we will be re-activating and bringing through major downloads to assist through this time of this alchemical transformation.

This week brings endings and new beginnings. It is a week of  abundance and fertility, intimate love (of self or others and expansion. Know that abundance is not always about money .

Your soul is expressing what needs to change , what needs to be let go of and what you need to nurture and bring about the metamorphosis that is going to happen when you honour your highest good.

You chose to come into this lifetime for a reason. you are here to make a difference now as you lay your foundations for the rest of your lifetime.


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