Resurrection: November 23-29

A powerful week ahead as we enter a phase of rebirth and deep healing. Many of us have been confronted with our inner demons, especially this year as we had rot learn to surrender and let go of fears, e-motions that have kept us stuck and  made it harder to move forward. Some have confronted their deepest fears and traumas. Others have let go of relationships they have outgrown or chosen not to let it weigh them down any longer. When we free ourselves from these old programs and conditioning, we allow energy to flow once again and align each of us to the path we are here to travel. We re learn to stand on our own feet so that we can move forward and create the lives we want to be a part of.

The essence of Raven plays an Important part this week. He represents protection, magic, wisdom, spirit, healing and power. Call upon raven to guide you through this next phase. Owl is also here to bring forth wisdom, to nurture and also guide you on your path as you find your light.

As we release the fear we hold onto, we come back into our heart space to love ourselves and allow our cup to overflow to give to those around us.

Maintain belief and your faith. Know as you shift your frequency through this healing stage and maintain clarity and focus on that which you want to manifest,  wishes do come true.

L.A.B Elixirs – Solfeggio frequencies 396Hz, 852Hz, 963Hz and Owl Medicine

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