Shattering Illusions Part 2: July 13-19

The reading this week is a continuation from last week. It is imperative to find calm, stillness, harmony and balance in your life. With all that is going on globally and in particular certain places going back into lockdown, like my hometown, the stress and anxiety is being felt by many. We are being forced ( in most cases is an amazing thing) to see our lives on all levels in a different light. We are shattering the illusions that have been kept silent or hidden. We are shattering the illusions of lies we have believed and held onto for so long because it is easier to deal with it than face our truths.

We are connecting into the earth heart and into our ‘primordial waters’, the wisdom and knowledge that has always been there but being brought to light now. Let go of the past, let go of that which is out of your control and let go of the old belief systems, the old paradigm.

When we can see the wisdom and  gain greater insight, we can align to our true state of being and align to our soul purpose.

Divine Intervention trilogy and crystals –


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